Regional Networking

CWC holds Regional Networking events three times per year in each of its five state regions – Boston, Central, Northeast, Southeast, and West. Network events are open to all workforce development professionals and provide professional networking opportunities. Participants share best practices, new ideas, and resources. In addition, topic experts on emerging trends and other areas of interest identified by members join the sessions to share insights and resources. These events allow for a flow of ideas between both seasoned and new workforce development professionals.

These communities of practice are needed given the regional diversity in Massachusetts in regard to the labor market, public and private resources, support services, and transportation. These networking events allow workforce professionals to build and expand their networks in a manner that is responsive to the reality of their areas.

The CWC Peer Learning Network is open to all workforce development and adult education professionals and:

    • is especially relevant for direct service and supervisory staff;
    • provides a forum to discuss on-the-job challenges and learn from peers and presenters on best practices/strategies to address challenges;
    • focuses on networking to build your professional contacts; &
    • includes small group discussion and announcements on workforce development programs and events.

Recent topics include: identifying community resources to support the work of workforce development professionals, learning about successful program models, and using labor market information to build better programs.

Please note that event registration opens online approximately 3 weeks prior to the event. Please log in to register for CWC events.

Boston Metro Area
  • No upcoming events in Boston Metro Area.

Central Massachusetts
  • No upcoming events in Central Massachusetts.

Northeastern Massachusetts
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Southeastern Massachusetts
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Western Massachusetts
  • No upcoming events in Western Massachusetts.