Professional Development + Training

CWC provides half, full, and multi-day trainings and workshops of a variety of topics for workforce development professionals.

These training topics include:

    • Offender Employment Specialist Training (OEST)
      Through this three-day training, participants gain skills and tools needed to assist ex-offenders to secure and retain employment. Focused on understanding the Offender Employment Specialist Model, connect with employers for job development and making good matches, and learning practical tools and strategies, this training certifies participants through CWC’s partnership with Bunker Hill Community College, Massachusetts Division of Career (DCS) Services Reentry Reemployment Unit, and the Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office.
    • Assessment: Processes and Tools
      Knowing why, when, and how to assess program participants’ soft skills and job readiness – whether upon program entry, during program activities, or prior to job placement – is key to obtaining successful participant and program outcomes. Good assessment is as much about the structure and process as the tools used.
      In this interactive workshop, we share tools for screening and evaluating participants’ soft skills with an eye toward securing better outcomes for participants.
    • Promising Practices in Job Retention

      Supporting your program participants to keep their jobs once they get them requires weaving together a number of strategies ‐‐ some of which begin the very first day you meet the participant! Successful job retention hinges on a number of factors:

      • Quality placements that are a good match
      • Building strong relationships with both participants and employers (from the start)
      • Making sure participants are truly “work ready”
      • Designing and implementing placement follow‐up services and activities that keep participants engaged in their career journey

      In this workshop, you will learn about lessons and tools from the field around strategies to improve job retention. A panel of local practitioners share tips and advice from their own successful job retention efforts. Participants have an opportunity to get feedback on specific job retention challenges and to build an action plan moving forward.

    • Improving Outcomes for Youth
      Learn from experts and peers on how to hone in on and improve critical outcome such as enrollment, soft skill development, and job placement. In this highly interactive and informative session, participants learn about innovative best practices to improve outcomes for workforce development programs for older youth and young adults. Participants come away with concrete strategies to enhance their job readiness and training programs for youth.
    • Strengthening Participants’ Soft Skills
      Learn how to strengthen the interpersonal skills of your program participants so that they succeed in your program and in their lives. This interactive training is designed for case managers, counselors, case workers, job developers, employment specialists, instructors and anyone working directly with program participants.
    • Understanding Career Pathways
      Career pathways are a strategy to support clients’ transitions from education into and through the workforce. Massachusetts is building support for career pathways both at the state level through policy and initiatives and on the ground through partnerships among community based organizations, community colleges, career centers, vocational and technical schools, and adult basic education programs.
      This session provides an overview of career pathways development in Massachusetts and the role of career pathways in WIOA and includes a facilitated conversation with a panel of representatives from local career pathways programs who share tips and advice on their own successful models. In this session, you will learn how you fit into this work and how to take the first steps or further enhance the work you are doing.

CWC also provides customized training for organizations based on their needs.

Please note that event registration opens online approximately 3 weeks prior to the event. Please log-in to the Member’s Portal to register for CWC events.

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