2017 CWC Conference


Ronald G. Marlow

Vice President for Workforce Development

National Urban League

Meeting the Needs of Disadvantaged Populations   

We are pleased to welcome Mr. Marlow who is responsible for development, delivery and oversight of the workforce development programs for which the National Urban League receives funding and are delivered at the local community level by NUL affiliates.  Prior to coming to the National Urban League, Mr. Marlow served as Undersecretary for Workforce Development for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In this role, he oversaw the operations of the public workforce system. Mr. Marlow is an alum of the University of Massachusetts Boston Center for Collaborative Leadership Emerging Leaders Program.

The plenary will highlight the role of the public workforce development system and community-based organizations in meeting the needs of disadvantaged populations.  His remarks will focus on how each “system” can work in tandem to assist populations in making the transition to economic self-sufficiency via access to job training, education, and supportive services.

“I left the conference feeling rejuvenated and empowered; the latter sentiment I plan to bring back to the clients whom I serve”

“I was able to see how other programs actually utilized materials and activities- love the hands on approach. I was also so grateful for the programs that encouraged us to use the same activities in our own classes and programs.”

“I was glad for the opportunity to network with people in the field and to hear about new approaches, ideas, and evaluation tools that I hope to utilize while designing future library programs and services”

“All of the workshops were invaluable. Lots of useable information and great networking opportunities”

“[What I found most valuable from the conference was] Being able to share resources with people from other states.”

“The post event social turned into another wonderful networking opportunity that gave me two connections I’d have otherwise missed”


Event materials will be available after the conference (Only for those who attended the conference).


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