Susan Crandall

Susan R. Crandall, PhD, is the director of the Center for Social Policy at University of Massachusetts Boston. The Center for Social Policy investigates the combined impact of public policies and business practices to reshape policies and boost economic well-being.

Previously, Dr. Crandall founded Workforce Results, a consultancy focused on providing technical assistance and evaluation services for philanthropy, employers, and non-profit organizations. She was the director of workforce innovation at Keystone Research Center, where she led a statewide workforce funder collaborative, spearheaded the evaluation for the Pennsylvania’s nationally recognized Industry Partnerships, and led an evaluation of a hospital job quality talent management initiative. Previously, she was the director of research and innovation at the Crittenton Women’s Union, where her research on “hot jobs” formed the cornerstone for CWU’s program, research, and advocacy strategy. Her experience includes 10 years in the private sector where she championed leadership and career development initiatives at Fortune 500 companies including Boeing and Microsoft.

Dr. Crandall served on the boards of National Skills Coalition Leadership Council, the Massachusetts Workforce Alliance, the American Independent Business Association (AMIBA), and was a visiting scholar at the University of California San Diego.